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Vyck Vyo, another project from Andy Matthew....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

In addition to Andy Matthew' other musical projects, like Atlanteex, this time he brings you another musical project with more classical flavors of Eurodance and Euro Disco. There's no doubt this much melody in these styles of music needs soft and tender vocals, exactly the way Vyck has pulled it off and performed the songs in their best form!

ElenaThe first single, "Elena", can shock you from in the first 30 seconds, if you are a die-hard Eurodance sound! High-energy rhythm, nice melodies, tender vocals and in the end a massive chorus with the 80's classical sense is what will make you thirsty of  even bypassing the first track (just for a short break of course) and move to track 2, entitled as "Classic Euro Mix"!

Then track 2 will astonish you with the piano melody, even not in the first 30 seconds, but in the first 10 seconds! We personally tell you that before reaching to the chorus, it's now time to check track 3, entitled as "NRG Mix". And just like this, check out the whole single at a glance and leave the thrill remain for the next listening times!

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AngelinaFor the beginning in the Special Promotion Program, we are bringing you "Angelina" to be downloaded for free by the members of the program.

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